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marks the apps listed on the Apps screen. Administrators can apply a filter to easily see the apps that need to be reviewed or approved and take the appropriate action. From the Settings > Event notifications menu, you can set the types of events that you want administrators to be notified about. Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. Look for the Built for BlackBerry badge to identify apps and games that deliver the signature BlackBerry 10 experience. Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry® 10 experience. Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built for BlackBerry designation provide the seamless performance and integrated experience you've come to love.

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Devices Overview, gm apps for blackberry. Resource Center. All Products. Financial Services Banking Insurance. Professional Services Legal. Healthcare Healthcare Providers Life Sciences. Manufacturing Industrial Automation. Success Stories. Support Overview. Product Information Documentation and Manuals.

Contact Us. Enterprise Blog. Developer Blog. Support Blog. BlackBerry UEM. Get the PDF. BlackBerry Dynamics. Compliance violation reporting. Rooted OS or failed attestation Android. BlackBerry Dynamics apps connectivity verification iOS. Antivirus status Windows. In the management console, you can filter on any of the compliance rules when they occur.

Device compliance report. Automatic device and OS metadata updates. New Event Notifications. To activate a device with Work and personal — full control, the user must wipe the device and gm apps for blackberry the activation in the same way as Work space only activations.

Global rules apply to the entire device. Personal profile rules apply to apps and data in the personal profile. For example: to apply password requirements to unlock the device, use the Global password rules. To apply password requirements only to the work profile, use the Work profile password rules.

Windows Windows Autopilot support. Microsoft Intune. Add public app source files as internal apps. Enhancements for certificate enrollment using app-based PKI solutions, gm apps for blackberry. Logging changes:.

The Maximum device app audit log file size is now configured as a global setting instead of per instance. If you upgrade from a previous release, the maximum size is initially set to the minimum setting for any existing server instance.

Trace logging option removed:. BlackBerry Proxy. BlackBerry Connectivity, gm apps for blackberry. BlackBerry Web Services. Changes to the Planning and the Installation and Upgrade content. Documentation changes. Most notably, the Preinstallation and preupgrade checklist has been removed from the Installation content and forms part of the new section. Overview information about high availability has been consolidated into the Planning content.

It was previously in the Installation content and the Configuration content. Allow modifying personal hotspot settings supervised only. Specify whether the user can to modify the personal hotspot settings. Android Enterprise. Allow users to modify apps in Android Settings.

Specify whether users can modify apps in Settings or launchers. If this rule is not selected, users can't uninstall apps, disable apps, clear app caches, clear app data, force apps to stop, or clear app defaults from the device Settings or launchers. Allow system error dialogs.

Specify whether system error dialogs for crashed or unresponsive apps display on the device. If this rule is not selected, when an app stops or is unresponsive, the system will force-stop the app as if the user chose the "close app" option in the dialog box. A feedback report isn't collected because users can't provide explicit consent.

Skip first use hints. Specify whether work apps should to skip showing any introductory hints that display the first time the app is launched. Allow screen capture. Specify whether the device can save user-entered form data to automatically fill future forms.

Allow adding and removing accounts. Gm apps for blackberry whether a user can add or remove gm apps for blackberry, such as email accounts, on the device.

Disallowed account types. Specify the types of accounts that cannot be added to the work space. If no account types are specified, there is no restriction. Disallowing an account type blocks users and apps from adding the account. Account types are defined by the app that uses the account and so can't be thoroughly documented here. Some useful examples are: BlackBerry Hub.

Microsoft Outlook. Allow lock screen features. Specify whether special features can be enabled on the device lock screen. Allow camera on lock screen. Allow notifications. Specify whether the device can display notifications on the lock screen. Allow all notification content. Specify gm apps for blackberry all notification content can appear on the lock screen or only the notification type.

Allow fingerprint authentication. Allow trust agents. Allow NFC trust agent. Allow tags with basic authentication to unlock the device. Allow secure NFC tags to unlock the device. Specify if NFC tags that use challenge-response authentication can be used to unlock the device. Allow places trust agent.

Allow custom places. Allow Face trust agent. Allow Voice trust agent. Allow On-body trust agent. Trust agent inactivity timeout. Specify Device inactivity timeout in minutes. When a device is in an idle state for a certain period of time, trust agents will be revoked. Allow installation of non Google Play apps. Allow developer options. For work space only devices, specify whether users can enable developer options on the device.

For Work and personal - user privacy devices, gm apps for blackberry, the option for users to turn on developer options can't be disabled. Specify if a user can take screen shots of the device.

Specify whether users can access the device camera on lock screen, gm apps for blackberry. Specify whether the user can unlock the device using a fingerprint. Specify whether trust agents can unlock the device.


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gm apps for blackberry


Gmail is email that's intuitive, efficient, and useful. 15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. “BlackBerry phones are the world’s most secure Android smartphones. We design them for security from the inside out and we’re proud to partner with TCL Communication on the launch of their all-new BlackBerry KEY2,” said Alex Thurber, SVP and GM of Mobility Solutions at Tim Vazquez. MUNICH – March 15, – TCL Communication won two iF DESIGN AWARDS for Smartphone Product Design this evening for its BlackBerry KEY2 and BlackBerry KEY2 LE at the iF Design Award Night The preeminent design prize has been awarded for 66 years by the world’s oldest independent design organization, the Hannover-based iF International Forum Design Tim Vazquez.