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Which UNLOCKED Samsung phones are compatible with Virgin Mobile network? Previously bought a Samsung III at Best Buy. I was wondering if you can provide a list of UNLOCKED Samsung devices from the Samsung III to current that are compatible with VM? I assume I would need a SIM card, if so where do you get this, and how difficult to transfer to. As most people know, Virgin mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint mobile and because of this, you will get that most phones compatible with Virgin are of high quality. Some of them are low-budget, midrange budget and flagship smartphones. List of Phones Compatible for Virgin Mobile There are many mobile phone companies which use Virgin mobile services. Here is a list of mobile company’s brands, which are compatible to virgin mobile services and easily support all the services from virgin mobiles.

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Apart from the stable network you get just like what you get when using Sprint, Virgin Mobile is an established name when it comes to wireless communication. Considering that Virgin mobile is a prepaid carrier, list of phones compatible with virgin mobile, Virgin mobile compatible phones can only be bought in full upfront since there are no installment plans. If you are in the market looking for some of the best devices which are compatible with Virgin mobile then you have come to the right place.

However, we want to take that pain from you by narrowing down to only the best 5 phones that can be used with Virgin Mobile, list of phones compatible with virgin mobile. We will show you everything you need to know about these devices and what makes them stand above the pack. So, read on to find out which device best suits you.

This phone comes with one of the best interfaces that makes using it quite easily. While from the look iPhone 8 might not be extremely different from its predecessors, its performance is enhanced, list of phones compatible with virgin mobile. A notable feature of this phone is the A11 processor that gives it powerful performance capabilities and can support even the most demanding apps.

The new wireless charging feature alongside the rapid charging property makes this smartphone of the best in the market. The phone is available in 4 different colors; space gray, silver, list of phones compatible with virgin mobile, red and gold. Besides, you get to choose between 64 GB and GB storage sizes which are both enough to keep all your important files. When it comes to the camera, iPhone 8 features a back 12 MP lens designed with the latest and faster sensor which results in deeper pixel count achieving excellent color production in every photo you take.

The display is also incredible with its TrueTone 4. It is designed with a figure print reader that is well placed at the home button ensuring no unauthorized person gains access to your phone. Protection is also enhanced with iPhone 8. This is because it is designed to be water resistant with an IP67 rating.

This means that it can remain functional even when fully immersed in water for up to 30 minutes. With all these features, iPhone 8 will make the perfect choice if you are looking for the best Virgin mobile compatible phones. Check Price On Amazon 2. Among some of its outstanding features are the powerful camera, 4G network connectivity, and strong A11 Bionic processor. Apple iPhone X comes with exceptional list of phones compatible with virgin mobile that make it one of the best Virgin Mobile compatible phones.

This phone is the first one from Apple that comes with a Face ID recognition feature for enhanced security. When unlocking the phone, it uses TrueDepth camera to detect your face giving you access. This enhances security and makes using it simple since all you need to do to unlock the phone is to lift and hold the phone up your face then swipe up the screen to unlock.

The dual camera is an incredible feature that this phone comes with. Its sensors are fast and provide true-to-life colors. Apart from the excellent texture and detailed shadows, you get excellent quality pics and videos even when on surroundings with low light thanks to its telephoto lens feature.

Its display features one of the largest screens from Apple. The 5. This 6. You also get to enjoy up to 21 hrs of continuous tall time due to its excellent battery capacity. Check Price On List of phones compatible with virgin mobile 3. This list of phones compatible with virgin mobile is built is one of the best Virgin mobile compatible phones operating using Android OS.

It is designed with an incredible processor speed of 2. A strong processor coupled with its 2 GB Ram enables the phone to support the operation of multiple apps simultaneously. Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx also comes with a huge display. With such a wide display you can enjoy gaming or watching videos using your phone. While this space might not be the biggest, you can expand up to GB using an external card. This will enable you to save more photos, videos, and other important files.

Its camera offers superior photo resolution with its 8 MP camera. The 8 MP is back camera can capture p videos at 30fps. The selfie camera resolution is also great and will allow you to shot great photos. It also comes with an Easy Mode feature that enables you to simplify the menu operations. It enables you to select which apps to show and allows increasing the size of apps for better visibility.

Check Price On Amazon 4. Moto E4 If you are looking for Virgin Mobile compatible phones with simple style and affordable then look no further than Moto E4. Moto E4 is among the budget-friendly devices available in the market that comes with incredible features. It runs using an octa-core processor that delivers great performance. This coupled with its Android 7.

The storage can be expanded to up to GB. Moto E4 features 5 MP camera on the front that can shoot beautiful and clear photos and it has an 8 MP camera on the back.

The camera offers above average contrast and composure enabling you to take stunning photos and record high-quality videos. Check Price On Amazon 5. This means that the phone can remain functional even when submerged in water for up to 30 mins. Besides, it comes with several other features that boost its performance.

The device offers a huge 5. This enables you to enjoy high-quality displays. Its camera features 12 MP back and 8 MP front cameras supporting digitals image stabilization and provide great recording options that include 4K video quality at 60 fps, list of phones compatible with virgin mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S9 operates using bit octa-core processor which delivers up to 1. The internal storage offers you 64 GB space but it can be expanded using external memory cards. The speakers offer high quality sounds considering that they are tuned by AKG. It operates with Android 8. This means that you get to enjoy one of the best networks by getting a mobile phone that is compatible Virgin mobile.

Any of the above phones will make a great selection. They come with some of the best features which enhance their performance. Pick one today from the above list and for the best experience with Virgin Mobile.


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list of phones compatible with virgin mobile


Sep 27,  · Prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile offers a range of flagship and budget cell phones that pair excellently with the carrier's low-cost plans. Use this guide to find the best deals for Virgin Mobile iPhones, Samsung phones, LG phones, and dollly.ga: Chris Holmes. The list of compatible phones is at the bottom. dollly.ga In addition, a phone must pass the IMEI checker in. As most people know, Virgin mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint mobile and because of this, you will get that most phones compatible with Virgin are of high quality. Some of them are low-budget, midrange budget and flagship smartphones.